Getting Back Out There

Getting Back Out There

Looking back at this month, we managed to get out and about quite a bit. Not so much in central London, but a lot of trips that were an hour or less from home. Even better – a lot of these were with friends as well. Some not seen since May 2019.

Some friends in Leicester were away the first weekend of June and offered us a stay at their house. Why not?! Also, recently found out there is a Tim Horton’s in Leicester, so very much why not.

A Friday trip out to RHS Ryde Hall with fellow SE Londoners

Taking a friend out for her first visit to Ightham Mote, one of our favourite National Trust spots.

Blooming Gardens weekend at Eltham Palace, complete with a tour of the gardens and a demo from the gardeners on how they work around a scheduled monument

A surprise (for Andrea) trip to Lullingstone Castle & World Garden, meeting up with friends we last saw in person at our wedding

A day at home, harvesting (possibly a bit too early) a few of the veggies from our garden

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