A Tale of Two Bus Drivers

A Tale of Two Bus Drivers

Step out my door and start walking down the road. A 59 bus creeps past me. Nuts – that’s the bus I want. Check CityMapper to see when the next one will be. Oh – 16 minutes. Ok, I can try to catch this one. Better get a literal jog on.

I run up to the back door of the bus and away it goes. That’s that. But then the 159 bus behind it honks its horn. I turn around and the driver beckons me. I hop onto his bus and he kindly says he’ll catch the 59 up and I can make the switch.

Next stop and we pull up behind the 59. I dash out and make it to the door opposite the 59 driver, which he closes.

I stand there a bit dumbfounded. He throws a hand up and shakes his head. In this time he could have just let me on. After a moment, he opens the doors and I thank him.

A big thanks to the driver of that 159. Can’t say I’ve ever had a bus do an ‘after them!’ scenario for me before. And a thanks to the 59 driver as well for making the effort not all in vain.

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